Zoho FSM for Bigin

Effortlessly provide memorable customer service experiences with the Zoho FSM topping for Bigin

Developed by: Bigin

The Zoho FSM topping for Bigin helps you connect customer service with operations in the field. Convert your closed deals into requests and work orders in record time. View details of the services (e.g, work orders, appointments) in the contacts and accounts module in Bigin.
Zoho FSM is a powerful, one-stop field service management platform. Zoho FSM comes with an exhaustive list of features to help you streamline every aspect of your business and, ultimately, deliver an enhanced service experience.
Visit https://www.zoho.com/fsm/ to learn more.

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    Published date Oct 8, 2023
    Version 1.0
    Category Field Service
    Pricing Free
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